Marinova is the leading manufacturer and supplier of premium fucoidan extracts to the nutritional sector. Our commitment to developing novel fucoidan extracts for nutraceutical applications has resulted in a range of products that are superior in every respect.

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Maritech® Extract – A key factor influencing the therapeutic potential of fucoidan is the method by which it is extracted from the macro algae. Marinova has shown that precipitation, or solvent extraction, can cause degradation of the polysaccharide and result in solvent residues in the final extract. For this reason we have developed a superior extraction process that retains the molecular and bioactive properties of natural fucoidan. Only the water-based Maritech® process used by Marinova can create high-purity, organic fucoidan extracts that remain unadulterated in chemical structure. The Maritech® solvent-free process is central to our capabilities and our position as the leader in this field. The Maritech® process also allows the molecular weight parameters of each product to be modified resulting in significantly enhanced efficacy and bioactivity at significantly lower concentrations.

Using the Maritech® process, Marinova produces an extensive range of fucoidan extracts for nutritional applications. Sourced from the finest seaweeds grown in Tasmania, Nova Scotia and Patagonia, our products are superior in every respect. They are Organic, Halal and Kosher certified and guaranteed by Marinova to contain the specified fucoidan content. All Maritech® products are suitable for use in capsules, tablets, beverages and gels.