Marinova is a progressive Australian biotechnology company focused on developing innovative medical and nutritional applications from marine plants. The company is based in Tasmania, a pristine natural environment and home to some of the cleanest ocean waters in the world.

Marinova’s research and development program focuses on fucoidans, sulphated polysaccharides derived from brown macro algae. Applying our proprietary Maritech® extraction process and utilising only the highest quality organic seaweeds, we produce a range of pure and chemically consistent fucoidan products meeting HACCP, ISO9001, GMP and Organic quality requirements. We stand alone in our ability to manufacture characterized fucoidans fractions which meet FDA and European pharmaceutical standards.

Our specialist fucoidan extraction facility in Cambridge, Tasmania, is the first of its kind in the world. Opened in 2006, this facility combines an API-standard manufacturing plant with state-of-the art research laboratories. With international collaborations and our team of distinguished scientists, Marinova leads the world in the development and production of fucoidan compounds for nutraceutical, skin care and pharmaceutical applications.

Marinova is committed to sourcing its macro algae from the world’s cleanest oceans, including the unspoiled waters of southern Australia. With a vertically-integrated business model, headquarters in idyllic Tasmania and a dedication to protecting the marine environment, we are devoted to delivering fucoidan products as innovative are they are natural.

Marinova – Pure Source, Pure Science.