Fucoidans are a class of naturally-occurring sugar polymers found in echinoderms and certain species of seaweeds. Classified as sulphated polysaccharides, fucoidans are all subtly different in structure, exhibiting varying degrees of acetylation and sulfation and different combinations of the primary sugar constituents. By modifying the linkages between the key sugars (typically fucose, galactose and manose) and altering the molecular weight and sulfation profiles, distinct variations in bioavailability and function can be achieved.

To create fucoidan fractions with targeted efficacy and the highest levels of bioactivity, Marinova has applied its expertise in the chemistry and functionality of fucoidans to develop the unique Maritech® extraction process. The solvent-free Maritech® process stands alone in its ability to create a range of high-purity, fucoidan extracts with proven efficacy in applications ranging from nutraceuticals and skin care through to pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Marinova leads the world in the development, extraction and supply of novel fucoidan compounds. All of our Maritech® Extracts are manufactured from wild-grown seaweeds, hand-harvested from the cleanest ocean waters. Every product is Organic, Halal and Kosher certified and manufactured in ISO 9001 and HACCP accredited facilities. Marinova guarantees the fucoidan content of its Maritech® Extracts and all products are assessed and verified using the internationally approved method developed and qualified by the Complex Carbohydrate Research Centre at the University of Georgia, USA.