Skin Care

The Maritech® range of skin care extracts consists of highly-purified, low molecular weight fucoidan complexes designed specifically for cosmetic and dermatological applications.

Maritech® Bright

Maritech® Bright is a novel, polyphenol-rich fucoidan extract developed specifically for skin brightening applications. Comprising 90% fucoidan-polyphenol complex, Maritech® Bright combines the immuno-stimulatory benefits of fucoidan with potent anti-oxidant properties imparted by the polyphenol fraction. Extracted from Fucus vesiculosus seaweed growing naturally in the crystal-clear waters of Nova Scotia, this innovative product has COSMOS organic, kosher and halal accreditations.

Marinova has developed Maritech® Bright as an effective, natural alternative to the existing ingredients used to even skin tone, many of which increase skin sensitivity and dermal damage. In vitro analysis has already shown Maritech® Bright is a powerful tyrosinase inhibitor – an enzyme responsible for producing melanin which, in turn, causes skin darkening and patchiness. Clinical studies have shown that Maritech® Bright is safe, non-sensitizing and highly effective at brightening skin, enhancing radiance and visibly reducing age spot pigmentation. Central to the efficacy of this ingredient is its proven ability to inhibit elastase, collagenase and tyrosinase – key enzymes known to accelerate the visible signs of aging.

Maritech® Reverse

Maritech® Reverse is a low molecular weight extract containing 85% fucoidan. Extracted from organic Undaria pinnatifida seaweed, grown in the remote and pristine ocean waters of Patagonia, Maritech® Reverse has been developed specifically for anti-aging, soothing and protective skin care applications.

Fucoidan protects the Wakame seaweed against a range of external stresses, including UV radiation and environmental contaminants. Maritech® Reverse captures these protective benefits in one natural soothing ingredient designed to maintain youthful appearance. Clinical studies have shown that Maritech® Reverse protects the skin’s building blocks and enhances dermal condition by reducing wrinkle depth, roughness and increasing skin elasticity. In vitro studies confirm the powerful inhibitory properties of Maritech® Reverse against enzymes closely associated with skin aging - including collagenase, elastase and hyaluronidase. Clinical evaluation of the protective and soothing effects of this ingredient confirms Maritech® Reverse protects skin against UV radiation and soothes skin by decreasing redness and increasing moisture retention following UV exposure. Maritech® Reverse is COSMOS organic-certified and provides an unrivalled combination of soothing, protecting and anti-aging properties for skincare and cosmetic formulations.

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