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2021: On the beauty shelf

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a vast impact on consumer routines, behaviours and attitudes across the beauty industry. Trust in science has increased, the link between nature and science is taking on greater relevance, calls for a green recovery from the pandemic are amplifying, and consumers are looking to brands to safeguard their health alongside that of the planet.

Speaking of the changes occurring across global markets, Marinova’s Business Affairs Manager, Ms Krutika Sen, explained, “The top five trends across these categories provide a number of actionable opportunities for brand owners. In 2021 we can expect to see even greater emphasis placed on scientific evidence, along with further demand for natural, sustainably-sourced ingredients.”

Trends in the skincare and nutricosmetic categories expected to gain further momentum in 2021 include:

1.      Trust in science

The COVID-19 pandemic trained the public to heed the advice of scientists. Ingredients supported by credible scientific evidence create opportunities for savvy brands to capitalize on the seal of science.

2.      Inner beauty

Consumers are increasingly looking for a holistic approach to beauty. Multifunctional ingredients that support digestive health, anti-inflammation and immune function are ideally suited to the growing nutricosmetic category.

3.      Transparency

Brand longevity is becoming increasingly tied to transparency. Consumers are looking for brands that share their own ethics and values.

4.      Sustainability

Products and ingredients that have certifications attesting to their authenticity are in growing demand. Aside from their personal health, consumers are increasingly conscious of the effect their choices have on the planet. Plant-based, vegan ingredients that are certified organic and sourced in an ethical and sustainably manner are booming.

5.      Clean beauty

The clean beauty revolution is here to stay. Think natural, pure, organic and green. The list of what products are ‘formulated without’ is just as relevant as what they are formulated with.

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