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Superfood for a supermodel

Posted Wednesday 12 December 2018

Elle Macpherson visit

Marinova was delighted to recently host Elle Macpherson, global ambassador for Australian nutritional company WelleCo, to the company’s head office in Tasmania. The team gave Elle a behind the scenes look at our extensive research laboratories, as well as a tour of the manufacturing facilities in which our Maritech® fucoidan extracts are produced.

Marinova’s fucoidan ingredient, derived from wild Undaria pinnatifida seaweed, features in a soon-to-be-launched product targeting immune health.

The immune health sector is growing at a rapid rate as the importance of strong and consistent immunity continues to become better understood amongst consumers. A recent survey reported that immune health is the second most desired functional benefit that consumers are seeking in foods or beverages, second only to general health and wellness. The same survey found that 87% of consumers have interest in purchasing foods and beverages with immune health benefits.

Fucoidan is a functional ingredient that has demonstrated an extensive range of immune benefits, including boosting the immune response, mobilising stem cells and potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial abilities.

The immune modulating benefits of fucoidan stem from its natural biological role in a marine setting, where it functions to protect the seaweed plant from marine-borne pathogens and toxins. Similarly, fucoidan has been shown to provide immune-modulating effects in human health by enhancing immediate immune activity and boosting long term immune processes.

In clinical studies, Maritech® fucoidan demonstrated its immune-priming abilities by increasing cytotoxic T cell and Natural Killer cell levels, as well as increasing activity of phagocytic white blood cells, monocytes and granulocytes. Maritech® fucoidan has also been shown to increase the total number of circulating haemopoietic stem cells in blood, which have the capacity to differentiate into various types of immune cells as required by the body.

With a comprehensive body of evidence supporting their immune benefits, Maritech® fucoidans are positioned as leading ingredients in immune-focussed nutritional applications. Marinova continues to invest in this key health area with a robust R&D program to further discover the unique immune benefits that fucoidan has to offer.  

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