A wealth

Delivering quality products for targeted applications is our specialty. We are more than just a supplier of superior fucoidan ingredients – we are an industry leading source of expertise. From technical support and regulatory assistance through to product development advice, Marinova can add value at every opportunity.

Marinova supplies its fucoidan products to world-renowned research institutions and leading companies in the nutritional, pharmaceutical, medical device and skincare industries.

Nutraceuticals & dietary supplements

Our Maritech® nutritional-grade fucoidans are superior in every respect; they are high purity, certified organic and supported by clinical evidence. They are supplied as dry powders making them easy to formulate into capsules, tablets and bulk nutritional formulations. Our fucoidans are also water soluble with mild flavour profiles, allowing for ready incorporation into gels and functional beverages.

By virtue of the unique Maritech® extraction process, all of our fucoidan ingredients possess superior stability and shelf life. 

Scientific studies have shown that our Maritech® fucoidan extracts have bioactivity in the following areas:

  • Digestive health
  • Immune function
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant & anti-ageing

Pharmaceuticals & medical devices

Marinova has the expertise and manufacturing capability to isolate and characterise highly purified fucoidan fractions with defined biological activities. Our qualified methodologies, state-of-the-art facilities and certified GMP processes allow us to develop pharmaceutical-grade actives that satisfy FDA and European regulatory requirements. Understanding the properties of these complex polysaccharides also enables us to manufacture discrete, biocompatible fucoidan fractions for implanted and applied medical devices. We have considerable experience in this field, including the development and manufacture of fucoidan fractions for inclusion in medical devices requiring specific anti-viral, antithrombotic and adhesion-inhibiting properties. Fucoidan also exhibits unique lubricating properties and has the potential to modulate localised biological environments, assist in infection resistance and facilitate the controlled release of actives.

Skin care & dermatology

The Maritech® range of fucoidan extracts includes purified complexes designed specifically for cosmetic and dermatology applications. These compounds are potent inhibitors of ageing-related glycation processes and protect skin matrix molecules from breakdown by UV-induced enzyme activity. Our topical ingredients are non-sensitising and non-allergenic and include fucoidans with clinically proven efficacy in anti-ageing and skin lightening formulations. We have also developed refined fucoidan compounds for specific inclusion in dermatological formulations and personal care products which target sensitive skin.

Veterinary & animal health

Marinova has a range of MariVet® ingredients created specifically for veterinary use in horses, companion animals, agriculture and aquaculture. Scientific studies have shown that the inclusion of MariVet® ingredients in animal feeds can:

  • Inhibit stomach inflammation and ulcers in thoroughbred horses
  • Inhibit cancer cells and reduce tumour growth
  • Significantly reduce colitis symptoms and gut inflammation
  • Significantly increase immune markers
  • Significantly reduce lung pathology caused by viral infections
  • Increase feeding efficiency, through improved binding and water stability in pellets

To find out more about our fucoidan extracts and how they can improve your product application, please contact us.