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Delivering quality fucoidan extracts for research, development and finished product applications is Marinova’s specialty. The company is more than just a supplier of superior fucoidan compounds – it is a world-leading source of scientific expertise with unrivalled advanced manufacturing capabilities. 

All of Marinova’s bioactive fucoidan extracts are supplied in dry powder form. Benefits include:

  • Non allergenic
  • Water soluble
  • Mild flavour profiles
  • Suitable for oral and topical application
  • Long shelf life
  • Versatile and stable in various delivery formats
  • Easy to formulate
  • Global regulatory acceptance

Marinova’s unique portfolio of Maritech® organic fucoidan extracts can be utilized as stand-alone ingredients or easily incorporated with other ingredients. They are commonly sought after for the following applications:

Nutraceuticals & dietary supplements

Brands dedicated to supporting health conscious consumers are increasingly seeking novel ingredients as a key point of differentiation. Marinova’s high purity, nutritional-grade fucoidans are superior marine ingredients increasingly being utilised in market-leading nutritional products. They have been clinically tested and demonstrate efficacy in a wide range of health indications. Their unrivalled sustainability credentials and exceptional quality make them an increasingly popular inclusion in contemporary, science-based dietary supplements supporting digestive health, immune function and healthy ageing.

The Maritech® organic fucoidan portfolio includes a range of products developed and manufactured specifically for nutritional formulations. These ingredients are all supported by extensive scientific dossiers.

Nutricosmetics & beauty-from-within

Marinova has developed unique multifunctional ingredients specifically for nutricosmetic, or beauty-from-within, applications. The Maritech® organic fucoidan range includes a unique co-extract of fucoidan and marine polyphenols – a highly versatile ingredient for healthy-ageing, digestive health and immune support applications. Market-leading ingredients such as this readily meet the growing global demand for novel high purity, certified organic ingredients supported by science.

Skincare & dermatology

Seaweeds are brimming with vitamins, minerals, essential elements and micronutrients that are necessary for health. They also produce natural compounds, such as fucoidan, that offer protection from environmental stresses and marine pathogens. The same benefits that offer protection to the seaweed plant can also be captured to maintain youthful looking skin and to support dermal condition. High purity, certified organic fucoidans are naturally occurring, bioactive compounds ideally suited for inclusion in premium skincare preparations. Their potential healthy-ageing, protecting, balancing and soothing properties have been extensively researched.

The Maritech® organic fucoidan range includes purified complexes designed specifically for cosmetic and dermatology applications. These cosmetic ingredients are all non-sensitising and non-allergenic.

Veterinary & animal health

As the demand for innovative and superior ingredients to support human health continues to grow, so too does global demand for high quality ingredients for inclusion in animal health products. Marinova’s Maritech® organic fucoidan portfolio includes a range of MariVet® ingredients created specifically for veterinary use in horses, companion animals, agriculture and aquaculture. These ingredients are commonly included in food supplements targeting gut and digestive health, immune function and ageing.

Pharmaceuticals & medical devices

Marinova has the expertise and manufacturing capability to isolate and characterise highly purified custom extracts with defined biological activities. Our manufacture of discrete, biocompatible fucoidan fractions for implanted and applied medical devices is supported by:

  • Qualified methodologies
  • Patented purification technologies
  • FDA and European regulatory requirements
  • Experience in the development and manufacture of fucoidan fractions for inclusion in medical devices requiring specific properties

Relevant products: Custom extracts

To find out more about our fucoidan extracts and how they can improve your product application, please contact us.