Custom extracts

Discrete fucoidans for advanced applications

Marinova has the expertise and capability to develop and produce high purity fucoidan fractions for a wide range of advanced applications. The company is experienced in creating novel compounds for very specific purposes, from biomaterials research through to medical devices and pharmaceutical development. Marinova's capabilities extend to the manufacture of depyrogenated fucoidan fractions with defined molecular weight profiles and varying degrees of sulfation and acetylation. Cation profiles can also be modified if required. By altering these structural properties, it is possible to isolate distinct fucoidan compounds with enhanced efficacy and superior compatibility with other biomaterials and therapeutic agents.

Marinova is at the forefront of developing discrete fucoidans for medical research. The company's team of scientists understand the unique physicochemical properties of fucoidan extracts and how these may be tailored to influence uptake and achieve targeted therapeutic effects. Marinova conducts an extensive characterisation of all our fucoidan fractions to ensure their suitability for both in vitro and in vivo assays and we guarantee reproducibility. It also provides our clients with an assurance that commercial quantities are manufactured under certified GMP and – if necessary – in compliance with relevant European and US pharmaceutical requirements.


Marinova stands alone in its ability to develop and supply novel fucoidan fractions for advanced applications.

Key areas of research interest for our fucoidan fractions include:

  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Physicochemical research
  • Biomaterials science and engineering
  • Medical devices
  • Drug delivery
  • Structure-function investigation


Marinova routinely engages in specific development agreements. Collaboration and product development opportunities are welcomed – please contact us to discuss your interest.

Shelf life & storage conditions

Marinova’s fucoidan fractions are shelf-stable for five years. Store in a cool, clean place in well-sealed containers that are protected from light, heat and moisture.


  • Extensively characterised
  • Tailored properties:
    • Molecular weight
    • Acetylation
    • Sulfation
    • Cationic profile
  • Depyrogenation capacity
  • No solvent residues
  • Non-GMO
  • Allergen free
  • Preservative free
  • Water soluble
  • Scale-up guarantee
  • Produced in Australia

References and further details can be provided on request.