Leadership team


The success of Marinova is testament to our exceptional team of personnel. With world-class expertise in fields as diverse as biochemistry, pharmacology and chemical engineering, Marinova is an organisation dedicated to excellence.

Mr Paul Garrott | CEO & Managing Director

Mr Paul Garrott, CEO & Managing Director

Paul is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia and is highly experienced in the financial and strategic management of companies across a broad range of sectors. Paul has been CEO of Marinova since 2003 and through his strategic approach to innovation and commercialisation has taken the company from start-up to global success. A graduate of the University of Tasmania, Paul was a partner in a leading chartered accounting firm in Sydney, Australia before establishing Marinova.

Dr Helen Fitton | Chief Scientist

Dr Helen Fitton, Chief Scientist

Helen has more than 20 years of experience in commercially-focused research and development and is recognised as a world-leading authority on fucoidan compounds. She has been instrumental in developing Marinova’s portfolio of fucoidan compounds, having created effective new products for use in a range of nutritional, pharmaceutical, medical device and cosmetic applications. Helen has an Honours degree from Manchester University, a Master of Science from University College London and a PhD in Applied Chemistry from Aston University, UK.

Dr Damien Stringer | Operations Manager

Dr Damien Stringer, Operations Manager

Damien is an avid supporter of value-added industry and has built a career working with innovative enterprises. Damien graduated with a BSc with 1st Class Honours at the University of Tasmania and worked with Botanical Resources Australia before completing a PhD in Chemistry at UTas, before joining Marinova Pty Ltd in 2008. As Marinova’s Operations Manager, Damien couples his technical expertise with his consultative approach to lead the laboratory, processing and research teams. Damien is a former President of the Tasmanian Branch of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute and is a graduate of the Tasmanian Leaders Program.

Mr Kevin Krail | Business Development Manager

Mr Kevin Krail, Business Development Manager

Kevin has extensive international experience in developing new markets for nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and novel functional food ingredients. Educated in the United States, Kevin has a BSc in Engineering and an MBA from the University of Colorado. Kevin has a very successful track record in commercialising science-based nutritional products and introducing global brands into new international markets.

Ms Claire Smoorenburg | Marketing & Communications Manager

Ms Claire Smoorenburg, Marketing & Communications Manager

Claire has considerable experience in the pharmaceutical and public health sectors specialising in media, communications and public affairs. She is an extremely passionate and effective communicator of science and skilled in conveying technical science into engaging assets for business and external stakeholders. Claire holds a BSc in Biochemistry and a BA in Professional Communications from Monash University.

Ms Krutika Sen | Business Affairs Manager

Ms Krutika Sen, Business Affairs Managert

Krutika is responsible for key facets of corporate compliance as well as managing important research projects and stakeholder relationships. Her responsibilities extend to providing technical support to clients from product concept to commercialisation. Krutika joined Marinova with diverse experience in human pathology and allied medical services. She holds a Master’s degree in Biotechnology from Deakin University and an MBA from the University of Tasmania.

Dr Sam Karpiniec | Senior Chemist

Dr Sam Karpiniec, Senior Chemist

Sam joined Marinova in 2010 after completing a PhD at the University of Tasmania, which involved investigating catalytic chemistry and its application to large-scale industrial processes. Sam has developed specialised expertise in applied process chemistry and natural products extraction. He is an accredited chartered chemist and committee member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (Tasmania).

Mrs Bev Smith | Finance Manager

Mrs Bev Smith, Finance Manager

Bev has more than 25 years of experience in the accounting profession in both advisory and managerial capacities. Prior to joining Marinova she was engaged as practice manager for one of the largest firms of chartered accountants in regional Australia. In this capacity, Bev oversaw the management of two professional offices, with responsibility for all human resources, business planning, taxation and financial reporting requirements.

Mrs Ana Lucia Lawrence | Logistics & Administration Manager

Mrs Ana Lucia Lawrence, Logistics & Administration Manager

Ana joined Marinova in 2008 after working in senior roles within the education, insurance and logistics sectors in Australia and South Africa. Ana has extensive experience in supply chain management, international freight and business administration in regulated manufacturing environments, including the food and beverage industries. Ana has an Honours degree in Arts from the University of Witwatersand (South Africa) majoring in European languages.