Acting today
to protect

A commitment to sustainability has always underpinned the Marinova business philosophy. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world in which we live. We recognise the importance of sustainable development and social, economic and environmental harmony.

For us, sustainability means protecting the future by making the right choices today. Although we adhere to the principles of the Nagoya protocol and CITES, we believe this is just a start. Sustainability is more than just a company recycling program, or turning off the lights when everyone goes home – it is an all-encompassing principle that directs every decision that we make. Every function of our business operates on the premise that a better world is one that is fair, equitable, respectful of the environment and inclusive for future generations.

From the very beginning, Marinova has sought to develop and implement the most efficient and economical business practices. As we have grown, so too has our determination to become the exemplar of sustainability for other biotechnology enterprises. We are continually improving the efficiency of our business, developing innovative technologies and creating new, productive uses for our waste materials. This unrelenting commitment to sustainability continues to reap dividends. Through initiatives such as those described below, Marinova is now on the cusp of becoming a legitimate carbon neutral, zero-waste manufacturer.

Pure source

Marinova is a fervent protector of the marine environment. Extensive research has confirmed that well managed, wild seaweeds are a rapidly renewable marine resource. Preservation of the native ecology is nonetheless paramount. We only source wild macro algae from the cleanest ocean waters and all harvesting operations are conducted in accordance with world’s best practice. All seaweeds used are harvested on an environmentally sustainable basis. We do not – and will not – source seaweeds that have been grown or farmed in those parts of the world prone to industrial or human contamination or where environmentally sustainable harvesting practices cannot be assured.

Green chemistry

Our proprietary Maritech® extraction process utilises green chemistry principles to produce fucoidan compounds of unrivalled quality. Unlike traditional extraction methodologies, the Maritech® process does not involve the use of solvents or other environmentally harmful chemicals. It is by virtue of this unique technology that Marinova stands alone as the only manufacturer of certified organic, high purity fucoidan.

Closing the loop

Since establishing our world-class extraction facility in 2006, we have succeeded in diverting all seaweed residues away from unproductive landfill and into new, value-added products. Not only do we capture all liquid and solid by-products of the Maritech® extraction process, we now convert these into nutrient-rich organic additives for the horticultural sector. Initiatives like these epitomise our holistic approach to sustainability and our commitment to improving the world.

Renewable energy

Marinova is continuously implementing new energy-efficient practices. The company’s extraction facilities, scientific laboratories and administrative offices are all powered by renewable energy. The utilization of hydroelectricity and a customised state-of-the-art solar array brings Marinova one step closer to being a legitimate zero-waste, carbon neutral manufacturer.