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Advancing sustainability

Marinova’s environmental credentials have been further enhanced by the recent installation of a 100kw solar array. Read more

Marinova consolidates in Patagonia

Marinova continues to invest in its seaweed harvesting operations in Patagonia, Argentina. The company has made significant improvements to its harvesting and warehousing infrastructure, enhancing process efficiencies and further streamlining its global supply chain. Read more

Latest fucoidan therapies reviewed

Marinova has published a new review detailing global progress in fucoidan research. “Therapies from Fucoidan: New developments” is now available in Marine Drugs. Read more

MariVet® fucoidan supporting animal health

Marinova’s Chief Scientist, Dr Helen Fitton, explains how the company’s certified organic MariVet® range of ingredients have been specially formulated for animal health and veterinary applications. Read more