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A look at the global skincare market

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As a market segment, skincare is growing faster than any other part of the beauty industry. It is estimated that by 2025 the global skin care market will be worth a staggering 190 billion US dollars.

As consumers emerge from their COVID-19 confinement, a number of global trends are becoming apparent. The relationships consumers have to their surroundings has shifted, health priorities have been re-evaluated, eco-ethical considerations have risen in importance, and product safety and efficacy now sits at the forefront of decision making.

Current global trends across the skincare industry include:

· Rising demand for natural and organic products. Globally leading brands are concentrating on marrying ethics, sustainability and safety to cater to the environmentally conscious beauty consumer.

· A shift towards a younger consumer base - consumers are beginning to use skincare products at an increasingly younger age.

· Product functionality and purpose are driving usage. Value is becoming increasingly measured by product quality and demand for supporting scientific evidence is higher than ever.

· Anti-ageing products continue to represent a strong growth area, both in terms of topical skincare applications and 'beauty-from-within' products.

· Technological integration is becoming key. How consumers discover and purchase products has shifted - robust and engaging ecommerce strategies are now essential for future success.

Marinova’s Business Affairs Manager, Ms Krutika Sen, notes: “Here at Marinova we are definitely experiencing increased demand for our Maritech® organic fucoidan ingredients, for use both in topical skincare applications and beauty-from-within products. High purity fucoidan ingredients really do tick all the boxes – they are natural, certified organic, sustainably and ethically sourced, supported by credible scientific evidence and have global regulatory acceptance.”


Sources: Statista, Mintel, Modor Intelligence.

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