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Skin brightening power of Maritech® Bright


Maritech® Bright stars in the latest edition of Personal Care Magazine, in an article highlighting the skin brightening effects and clinical research of its active compounds - fucoidan and marine polyphenols.

Like fucoidan, polyphenol compounds are also found in brown algae. Fucoidan and polyphenols work together to create a defensive barrier between the plant’s cells and damaging UV rays, pathogens and pollutants. In many ways, it may be likened to a bioactive sunscreen for seaweed.

Fucoidan has been well studied for its powerful bioactivity on the skin, including skin brightening, UV protection, enzyme inhibition and antimicrobial activity.

Research demonstrates that polyphenols exhibit their own unique set of dermatological properties which complement the effects fucoidan. These include skin brightening, anti-wrinkling and potent antioxidant effects. Additionally, polyphenols can reduce damage to the skin caused by UV radiation and inhibit age-causing enzymes.

Read more about the skin brightening properties of Maritech® Bright in Personal Care Magazine.

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