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Fucoidan holds potential as vaccine adjuvant

A vaccine being drawn from a bottle with a syringe

A significant number of scientific papers have been devoted to the beneficial effects of fucoidan on immune health and anti-viral activity. In recent times, attention has also turned to the potential of fucoidan to be utilized as an adjuvant in vaccine delivery.

An adjuvant is a substance that enhances the immune response of a vaccine. Typically an adjuvanted vaccine has a higher, earlier and/or longer-lasting immune response than a non-adjuvanted vaccine. Historically, the development of new adjuvants has been extremely slow – a reflection of the limited understanding of the complex mechanisms associated with immune function.  

The potential of fucoidan to exert a range of beneficial effects on the human immune system makes it an attractive adjuvant candidate. “Several studies have shown that fucoidan has the potential to dampen allergic responses and activate key immune-boosting cells such as dendritic cells, natural killer cells and T cells,” said Marinova’s Operations Manager, Dr Damien Stringer. “A crucial property of vaccine adjuvants is their ability to activate the innate and specific immune systems. High purity fucoidan has been shown to enhance immune responses in a range of models, making it of interest to researchers looking for new and effective ways to improve vaccine efficacy.”   

Marinova continues its research focus into the immune health properties of fucoidan. Research exploring the vaccine adjuvant potential of Maritech® organic fucoidan is currently underway.

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