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Global momentum builds for fucoidan research

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A decade ago, Marinova published its first review paper on fucoidan - an excellent guide to global fucoidan research that was undertaken between 2000 and 2010. The paper noted that studies on fucoidan increased three fold during this period.

As the second decade of the century draws to a close, we can report that interest in fucoidan only continues to surge. The number of research publications has more than doubled when compared to the previous 10 years. Studies on fucoidan have expanded into new health areas and the attainment of global regulatory approvals has seen a range of new fucoidan-containing products launched onto the market.

Speaking of the momentum, Marinova’s Chief Scientist, Dr Helen Fitton, said, “There has been a significant expansion of fucoidan research relating to the immunity, inflammation, digestive health, integrative oncology, skincare and nutricosmetic categories.”

“In 2021, Marinova’s extensive research and development program will include studies on sports nutrition, integrative oncology, immunity and anti-ageing,” explained Dr Fitton. “We’re very much focussed on the quality and efficacy of our Maritech® extracts and will continue to support them with credible scientific evidence.”

You can browse a selection of Marinova’s own research papers, including subsequent review papers, here.

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