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Gut microbiome study in elite athletes

Brisbane Lions player

The active phase of a major clinical trial investigating the health benefits of Maritech® fucoidan ingredients in elite athletes has recently been completed. The trial, run in partnership with the Brisbane Lions Australian Football League Club and Griffith University, ran for seven months and examined both the long and short term effect of fucoidan on the microbiome of athletes.

The world-first study utilised a proprietary blend of Maritech® fucoidan ingredients, combining extracts from both Fucus vesiculosus and Undaria pinnatifida species. As the data is now being analysed, Marinova would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Brisbane Lions on their outstanding season to date and wish them well in their 2019 finals campaign. Their success throughout 2019 is an intriguing prelude of the study results to follow.

Speaking of the trial, Marinova’s Chief Scientist, Dr Helen Fitton, said, “This new blend of fucoidan developed by Marinova is based on very positive pre-clinical data that indicates significant inhibition of the production of major pro-inflammatory biomarkers associated with acute and chronic gut conditions. We’re looking forward to analysing the results of the trial and gaining insight into how this natural product can assist athletes with their health and support adaptation to their intensive playing and training regimes."

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