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Immune health: Ask for the evidence

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As consumer interest in immune support products continues to grow, so too does demand for innovative, high quality ingredients backed by clinical research. A recent Kerry Global Consumer Survey (2019), revealed that one in five respondents identified immune system support as their primary reason for purchasing healthy lifestyle products.

Speaking about the current interest in immune health, Marinova’s Chief Scientist, Dr Helen Fitton, said, “Marinova has certainly noted the increasing global interest in immune health and the associated demand for branded ingredients backed by clinical research. We strongly encourage all manufacturers to look very closely at the supporting evidence when considering new ingredients for inclusion in their products.”

Dr Fitton continued, “In the current global climate it is imperative that manufacturers and brand owners maintain the integrity and transparency of their products. Independent clinical evidence continues to support all of Marinova’s fucoidan products, and our research and development program remains active across many different applications, including immune health.”

Extensive research has been undertaken on the immunomodulatory properties of fucoidan. Published papers have demonstrated that fucoidan may exert a range of beneficial effects on the human immune system, including the reduction of allergic responses, an immune priming effect, the activation of dendritic cells, natural killer cells and cytotoxic T cells. In this way, fucoidan has the potential to boost important antipathogenic responses.

A summary of the body of evidence support the immunomodulatory properties of fucoidan is provided here and further detailed in Marinova’s latest white paper.

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