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The Rise of Fucoidan in Integrative Oncology

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Marinova's ground breaking research in integrative oncology has featured in the lead article of Nutraceutical Business Review magazine.

The article highlights the latest cancer research involving Maritech® fucoidans and explains why these natural compounds are rising to prominence in the complementary cancer field.

Fucoidan-containing seaweeds have been well known and used for their anti-cancer properties for centuries. This includes their traditional use in supplements and drinks administered to cancer patients in Korea, Japan and China. Fucoidan is a recognised complementary therapy in these countries and is widely available in over-the-counter products. Health care professionals in many parts of Asia routinely prescribe fucoidan to patients undergoing cancer treatment.

Marinova’s newly published research conducted in human cancer mouse models and in vitro tests, demonstrates the significant anti-cancer activity of Maritech® fucoidan. This research highlights a number of pathways through which Maritech® fucoidan delivers anti-cancer effects, including direct activity against tumour cells, immune modulation and reducing pre-cursors to cancer.

Maritech® fucoidan also shows promise in alleviating a range of common side effects caused by chemotherapy treatments. The safety of Maritech® fucoidan in combination with cancer therapies has been demonstrated through human clinical studies and in vitro research.

Read more about the latest anti-cancer research involving Maritech® fucoidan and its significant potential in integrative oncology applications in Nutraceutical Business Review

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