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Daniel Tang with the Marinova Prize honour board

Marinova is delighted to announce that the inaugural Marinova International Science Prize has been awarded to Tasmanian secondary school student Daniel Tang.

The prestigious award is offered annually to students of The Hutchins School in Hobart, Tasmania. Presented on the basis of academic excellence and active participation in the secondary science program, the prize provides generous financial support for one Year 10 student each year to participate in a national or international science competition or event.

Each year the successful student will have demonstrated outstanding skills in science inquiry within a research context and achieved a high standard of knowledge across multiple scientific disciplines. Recipients are expected to continue their studies in science in Years 11 and 12.

The Marinova International Science Prize also provides the opportunity for students to be mentored by Marinova’s esteemed scientific research team.

Year 10 student Daniel Tang submitted an outstanding entry to the annual Science and Engineering Investigation Awards, ‘Creating a polarimeter to determine properties of pharmaceuticals’, and received a Merit in the prestigious Tasmanian Science Talent Search. Daniel also received a perfect score for his Year 10 Science grade.

“Tasmania is a global hotspot for marine science,” said Marinova’s CEO & Managing Director, Mr Paul Garrott. “This prize is a practical way for Marinova to support the next generation of innovative Tasmanian scientists.  We trust this opportunity will inspire students to further explore their passion for science and we look forward to watching exciting scientific careers unfold.”

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