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Maritech® fucoidan: New clinical trial to explore immunity

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Coinciding with International Clinical Trials Day on May 20, Marinova is pleased to announce a new clinical trial to further explore the immuno-modulatory properties of Maritech® fucoidan.

Fucoidan is a marine polysaccharide found naturally in brown seaweed. Its diverse range of bioactive properties is making it an increasingly common inclusion in dietary supplements.

The immune health benefits of fucoidan have been extensively researched and independent evidence currently reports a range of potential beneficial effects including:


·       Boosting immune responses to vaccines

·       Activating dendritic cells, natural killer cells and T cells

·       Blocking the entry of coated viruses to cells

·       Reducing lung damage commonly associated with viral infection

·       Supporting mucosal immune health

·       Dampening allergic responses

·       Stem cell modulation

The new study, being conducted in collaboration with Nutrasource in the USA, will examine the impact of Maritech® fucoidan on the immune function and inflammatory response of healthy adults. It has been designed on the back of existing evidence that suggests Maritech® fucoidan may act as an immune priming agent by increasing cytotoxic T cells and natural killer cells, reducing the levels of the inflammatory cytokine IL-6, and modulating the key marker immunoglobulin G (IgG).

Speaking of the clinical trial, Marinova’s CEO & Managing Director, Mr Paul Garrott, said, “High purity, certified organic fucoidan is already included in a multitude of innovative nutritional supplements targeting immune health. Marinova’s investment in this new clinical trial will deepen our understanding of the unique health benefits of Maritech® fucoidan.”

Nutrasource President and CEO, William Rowe, added, “On international Clinical Trials Day, we are delighted to have been chosen by Marinova to provide clinical trial solutions relating to their product development and showcasing of fucoidan.”

Maritech® fucoidan is the world’s only high purity, certified organic fucoidan with global regulatory acceptance. 

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