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Rising demand for Maritech® fucoidan

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Marinova continues to strengthen its position as the global leader in fucoidan science. Its ongoing commitment to innovative research and development has recently seen the privately held Australian company record yet another year of double digit growth.

Speaking about the rising demand for Maritech® fucoidan extracts, company CEO & Managing Director, Mr Paul Garrott, commented, “The nutraceutical sector is experiencing unprecedented global demand for immunity-specific supplements this year. This demand has fueled an enormous surge of interest in our unique Maritech® ingredients. Marinova’s focus on supplying fucoidan extracts of unsurpassed quality has never been stronger. We are pleased that the agility of our supply chain has enabled us to respond swiftly to customer needs.”

An extensive research and development program has long been a hallmark of Marinova’s business philosophy. The company’s scientists are authorities on the structure and bioactivity of algal polysaccharides and possess an unrivalled understanding of the physical and chemical properties of fucoidan compounds. “Marinova invests approximately 25% of its gross revenue in each financial year to applied research and development,” continued Mr Garrott. “Heading into 2021 we have increased this commitment even further with  new studies now underway in the areas of prostate cancer, immune modulation, gut and digestive health, sports performance and skincare. We remain fully committed to supporting our products with credible scientific evidence.”

“We have also made additional investments towards low carbon manufacturing. Further refinement of our liquid waste use and the addition of a state-of-the-art solar array to our existing supply of renewable energy sources brings us closer to being a legitimate carbon-neutral enterprise. Our commitment to ‘pure source, pure science’ is evident in everything that we do.”

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