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Standing tall on business ethics

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In the global race to carve out the ‘new normal’ all businesses have the opportunity to reevaluate their professional ethics. A fundamental shift has taken place in recent years with the rise of the ethical consumer providing a powerful wake-up call for any brand committed to longevity. A 2020 retail trend report published by Lightspeed shows that 66% of global consumers are now willing to pay more for sustainable goods that are manufactured with the environment in mind.

“Millennials are a significant global purchasing force,” explains Marinova’s Marketing & Communication Manager, Mrs Amanda Mackinnon. “As a cohort they are more socially engaged than their predecessors and also far more digitally savvy. They expect transparency and are becoming more and more determined to deal with brands that stand for integrity, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. We can only expect to see this grow in the future.”

With ethics thrust into the spotlight, it will become increasingly important for brands to remain true to their core values and beliefs. “It’s never been more important to clearly explain how you operate, to carefully select your ingredients, and to be very clear about your impact on the world. Ethically-minded consumers are driving this push and the response from business lies in innovation and sustainability,” said Mackinnon.

“Marinova itself is a great example of this. The company’s commitment to innovative green chemistry and sustainable harvesting practices remains world leading. Natural ingredients produced in this manner and which are supported by credible scientific evidence have a very bright future.”


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