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Tasmania leads renewable energy charge

Water surging though a dam embankment

A recent report released by Clean Energy Australia revealed that Australia’s renewable energy industry shows no signs of slowing. Tasmania, the home state of Marinova, met its 100% renewable energy target late last year - a full two years ahead of schedule. A new target to produce 200% of current energy needs by 2040 has now been set by the Tasmanian Government.

Marinova has long been committed to the utilization of renewable energy. “Marinova is continuously striving to implement new energy-efficient practices,” said Operations Manager, Dr Damien Stringer. “The company’s extraction facilities, scientific laboratories and administrative offices are all powered by a combination of hydroelectricity and a customised solar array. Tasmania’s world-class renewable energy credentials certainly reflect the values of many likeminded Tasmanian advanced manufacturers who are rapidly moving towards sustainable operations.”

Tasmania is increasingly becoming a drawcard for innovation, technical excellence and sustainability. Marinova itself is profiled in the new Southern Tasmanian Advantage prospectus and is proud to be recognized as an exemplar of sustainability for other biotechnology enterprises.


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