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Wave of ‘blue beauty’

Wave breaking

The global ‘blue beauty’ movement has been gaining momentum ever since its inception in the mid-1990s. Unlike the green beauty movement, which promotes general eco-friendly and sustainable products, ‘blue beauty’ brands are particularly committed to the protection of the oceans.

“Brands committed to ‘blue beauty’ are implementing ocean-friendly practices throughout their entire supply chain,” explained Marinova’s Business Affairs Manager, Ms Krutika Sen. “From ingredient sourcing to reducing the carbon footprint, industry leaders that were previously seen as ‘green’ are now making a concerted effort to become ‘blue’, and it’s certainly resonating with consumers. With the oceans covering more than 70% of the Earth’s surface, it comes as no surprise that future leaders are advocating their protection.”

“Maritech® fucoidan ingredients are an excellent fit for the blue beauty model,” continued Ms Sen. “These are ingredients that are sustainably sourced from a rapidly renewable marine resource. The green chemistry process utilized in their manufacture does not involve organic solvents or other environmentally harmful chemicals and the by-products of the manufacturing process are all captured and diverted for use in the organic horticultural sector.”

“With the efficacy of Maritech® fucoidan ingredients being well supported by independent scientific evidence, we are seeing an increasing number of environmentally conscious brands successfully including fucoidan in their topical skincare and beauty-from-within products.”

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